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Welcome To Heizer Financial Group


We here at Heizer Financial Group specialize in looking at the WHOLE PICTURE for our clients by re-allocating and re-positioning retirement assets for safety, growth, legacy planning, and income planning. We gather complete information to help our clients make informed decisions in an easy to understand manner to assist with their particular situation.

We believe in the GREEN line.
Take a look at the chart below and ask yourself,
"Where would I rather have my money?"
If you are like our clients, your answer would be,
"I want my money in the GREEN line!"

"Click on the Graph Below to View Full PDF Version"


Go back 15 years. Would you rather have your money in the RED line which is the roller coaster stock market or in the GREEN line where your principal is protected?


At Heizer Financial Group, we treat our clients with the upmost courtesy and respect. We provide realistic, honest financial advice that comes with safety and peace of mind in uncertain times. We will lead you on a course that you will understand with flexibility to fit your comfort level.

Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We will ensure that you have a comprehensive, easy-to-understand plan with no confusion and none of the usual financial rhetoric. 


Heizer Financial Group has built a rock-solid reputation for helping people protect and grow their wealth while maintaining a consistent dialogue with their clients. We feel it is important to have relationships with our clients in addition to providing quality service.

Our Motto

Heizer Financial Group was created on the principles of helping people like you receive advice you can trust and products that lead you to your financial goals.

At Heizer Financial Group we believe that relationships can only thrive when values match.

Sometimes financial strategies that you've used in the past may not be the best strategies going forward.

At Heizer Financial Group we do what's right, not what's popular!


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Heizer Financial Group

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Phone: (847) 497-0434

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