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    I found this week’s article interesting and thought to share it with you as it addressed some basic principles of a long-term retirement option. "Let’s start with defining FIAs. These products are long-term retirement options purchased from an insurance company that guarantee principal [...]

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    I thought you might want to read this week’s article because it was very direct about why you need to know how Annuities work. The author states that the reason is because “90% of [retirement] planners” recommend them. Why is that? We think it is because “the stock market has become a part [...]

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    This week’s article discussed strategies for “when your bucket list doesn’t match your budget” in retirement. Is that true for you? One idea discussed related to annuities where the author stated that “Most importantly, to generate guaranteed income in retirement, annuities are a slam [...]

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    Would it surprise you to learn that one in five Americans have absolutely nothing saved for retirement? This week’s article tells us that “As of right now, nearly 90% of Americans admit that they are not very confident about their retirement preparedness.” How are you feeling about your [...]

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    This week’s article speaks to the fact that “living comfortably in retirement is indeed possible”. To achieve this goal, it is important for retirees to develop a “strategic plan that allows stability in their golden years to be reality”. This is not a one-size-fits-all process. Call us if[...]

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