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What our clients say about us

We have been working with Ben Heizer (Heizer Financial) for over a year now and every time we attend one of his seminars or meet with him in person, we learn something new about investing. Ben gathers the necessary information from those he meets with, so he can provide you with honest helpful insights that could possibly be beneficial to you now and in the future. We are glad Ben came into our lives and is part of our financial management team.

Bob & Karen W., Grayslake, IL

Great Seminar – Helpful Investment Information Presented In An Easy To Understand Way… We are so glad we found out about the Heizer Financial Group and attended their seminar. We now have a much clearer understanding about various investment vehicles and how they work. Interestingly enough not all investment vehicles charge fees, loose principal and still outperform the S&P averages. To us such an investment provides a sense of security for our future financial goals. When we met with Ben for a follow-up investment meeting we found him to be very knowledgeable, understandable about our investment goals and needs, easy to talk with and non pressuring. We highly recommend the Heizer Financial Group

George and Judy H., Libertyville, IL

We would like to express our thanks to Ben for his professional approach, financial knowledge & expertise! We are blessed that he is a Christian man with high morals, values and integrity. We also thank him for his friendship and helpful advice! We will surely refer him to anyone who may need a wonderful financial advisor, and continue to pray as the Lord uses him to help others with their financial investments. Blessings; Ps 100:2

Robert & Cheryl M., Sturtevant, WI

Ben Heizer’s honesty and easy to understand delivery at his seminar, convinced me to schedule a consultation. He reviewed my portfolio, and suggested some revisions to protect and further diversify my investments. I am now a client of Heizer Financial Group, and am able to completely understand my new product, without the aid of a lawyer to decipher the prospectus. I highly recommend Ben Heizer.

Norm B., Beach Park, IL

We had grown increasingly concerned about the volatility of the stock market and how it threatened to erode the savings we were counting on for our retirement. The annuity program offered by Ben Heizer provided us with a security we could never get from the market and we have been quite pleased with the results the program has achieved.

Bill & Diann L., Glenview, IL

I am a current client of Ben Heizer. Ben is an exceptionally gifted and informed professional. His advice for my portfolio saved my retirement fund from completely being lost due to this poor economy. I would recommend anyone to seek his council and advice

David A., Gurnee, IL

I have worked with Ben Heizer on some difficult situations regarding my retirement plans and he has always come up with some excellent solutions. I respect Ben for his forthright and honest answers. He always does his homework and knows what he’s talking about.

Karl K., Carol Stream, IL

I am one of Ben’s clients and I am a construction worker and still working at the age of 50. My wife and I attended one of Ben’s seminars about a year and half ago and we never looked back. Today, almost two years later my wife and I have our Roth and traditional IRA with Ben’s company. We also invested a substantial amount with one of his programs, where we are 100% sure that we will have a comfortable and guaranteed return on our money when we turn 60+. I am fortunate that our paths have crossed. The trust that we have built with Ben and his family is incredible. Ben’s attention to detail and care for his clients is unmatched by any one I have met in the past. I, my wife, and entire family are grateful for Ben’s attention and for the success of our future and our retirement.

Mark & Yelena R., Morton Grove, IL

Thank you, Ben, for helping me find a safe haven for some of my cash that was sitting there earning essentially nothing. Your seminar was very informative and educated me about a product I knew very little about. You explained the options and benefits carefully and thoroughly, helping me make a best decision as to where to invest my money. I felt no pressure from you but sincere gratitude for my business. You are trustworthy and professional, which are essential attributes when one is choosing a financial planner. Wishing you continued success in the years ahead.

Kimberly R., Gurnee, IL

Thanks for another wonderful appointment to discuss my investments. I always feel that you have my best interests at heart when you explain things to me in a simple way so that I can clearly understand them. Your integrity, knowledge of the products, and concern for your customers make me happy to count on you as my adviser. Thanks to Helen too for always adding that warm personal touch on the phone and in the office.I’m planning on having Heizer Financial in my life for many years to come.

Marian W., Gurnee, IL

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you and the Heizer family that I am very happy with your company and the way you do business. I like not having to watch my investment to protect from loss. What you offer your investors is truly piece of mind with a great return. Finally, I always enjoy the Family cards. Thank you.

David M., Wadsworth, IL